Licensmarknaden AB

      Clear, simple and sleek

      Licensmarknaden offers companies a wide array of second-hand Microsoft licenses at cost-efficient prices from companies and organizations that no longer use them. We offer both applications and server software, e.g. Office, Project, Visio, Windows Server, Exchange Server and SQL Server.

      At Licensmarknaden AB, we were looking for a simple but stable web publishing tool. The goal is complicated: we want to be visible on the web, and we want people who are looking for our services to find us easily.

      With IKOS, we can update our website quickly and easily. We currently receive a constant flow of inquiries from companies and organizations that found us via search engines.

      Those of use that make it easier for companies to manage licenses think that IKOS is a good model. We have a licensing, operating and support agreement, which in practice means that you don't need to worry about anything. IKOS takes care of everything. If we have questions, we can simply send an email or call.

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