Uniformity increases user-friendliness

      Page templates for easy publishing. IKOS includes page templates and images and documents that you can use to create a new webpage or a new website. This makes it easy to publish information on your website, regardless whether it is text, images or documents.

      A finished graphic layout

      Thanks to the page templates, the layout is already set up. All you need to do is write the text and select the images. Headings and text format are specified in the style sheets, which create uniform texts across all the pages. Before publishing your page, you can preview the page so see what it will look like.

      Flexible version control

      With IKOS functions for language and version management, you can easily compare the information on different pages of your website.

      Read more about date versions under
      » Version control.

      Read more about language versions under
      » Web communication | Languages.

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