Search engine optimization

      Qualified search engine traffic.

      There are many factors that determine how easily search engines will find your website. The content of the individual webpages is obviously very important, but you can also gain a lot from presenting the contents in the right way for search engines.

      Highlight the important things

      By determining which words are relevant for precisely your company, and using them in a clear and natural manner, makes it easier for search engines to find your website. This is obviously an area where we can help you. We have a lot of experience working with terminology and language to makes things clearer, both for the reader and the search engines.

      Structure is very important

      It is no secret that search engines read the structure of websites. The search engines index search words based on certain criteria, for example, if the word is part of a page title or a heading, or if it is far down in the structure. Therefore, it is very important how the text structured on your website and whether your tool marks up the texts the right way.

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