Correct language

      High-quality, well-written texts.

      Our language consultants will improve your texts with proofreading, editing and revising.

      We can also help you harmonize the language in a text that has been written by many different authors, and help you rewrite texts so that they are targeted to a completely new target group. Has your text become too long and needs to be shortened? We can help with that as well.

      Types of texts

      A few examples of texts that we frequently review and edit include web texts, articles, translations, policy documents, reports and analyses in research and finance, for example.

      We work on the text together with you.

      We include you in discussions, where we can jointly determine how to work with the text. For example, we can work on sentence structure, style, headings, tone, register or disposition.

      We analyze your texts

      Our language consultants are writing and information experts, and they can easily see what needs to be changed in the text in order to have it meet your needs. They can also explain why you should make certain changes in the text. This gives you advice for future writing projects.

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