Export and Import

      Flexible solution for multilingual websites

      Language management is central to IKOS, and the system is configured to make language management fast and easy. The goal with IKOS is to make the distance between you and the translator as short as possible.

      Easy exporting and importing

      You can export files directly from your website to us. We then deliver the translated files in the same format as your original files — if you don't have any other requests, of course. You do not need to process the files, neither before nor after translation, and you can publish the files as soon as they are translated.

      No tricky file formats

      When you need to make larger updates to the website, or perhaps launch the website in a new language, you can just export the texts in xliff format. Xliff is an xml standard format for files that need to be translated.

      You send the files out for translation and then import the translated files directly back into the website. This avoids the problem of loose files or file formats that the publishing tool cannot support.

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